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Permit to Trim, Remove, or Stump from Your Property?

SWFL – Do You Need a Permit to Trim, Remove, or Stump from Your Property? Understanding Tree Work Permits in Southwest Florida One of the biggest questions we get asked if a permit is required for certain tree work? Do you need to get a permit from Lee County, the City Estero, Fort Myers, etc. […]

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The Foxtail Palm Tree

How did The Foxtail Palm tree get its name? The Foxtail Palm Tree: Wodyetia bifurcata The Foxtail Palm tree (scientific name: Wodyetia bifurcata) has feather-like, pinnate Palm fronds resembling the tail of a fox.  The Foxtail Palm originated in Australia. Foxtail Palm Tree Maintenance & Pruning Pruning of the Foxtail Palm is not required. This […]

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Clusia is a privacy hedge

Can a Clusia be used as a privacy fence? One of the most popular uses for the Clusia is a privacy hedge. Clusias are popular throughout Florida, being used as a privacy hedge in place of a fence. There are homeowners who add Clusia’s along their fence line for even more privacy. These plants are […]

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