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Permit to Trim, Remove, or Stump from Your Property?

SWFL - Do You Need a Permit to Trim, Remove, or Stump from Your Property?

Understanding Tree Work Permits in Southwest Florida

One of the biggest questions we get asked if a permit is required for certain tree work? Do you need to get a permit from Lee County, the City Estero, Fort Myers, etc. before removing a tree. The short answer is – probably not. 

Being a good steward of your land, your home, and preparing for hurricane season involves making sure the trees around your home don’t pose a risk if a storm were to hit – but doing so USED to potentially require a permit from your county and or city government. Thankfully back in 2019, a state-wide law was passed allowing owners to remove trees, without a permit, as long as a licensed arborist (like ourselves) inspects and confirms you should/need to remove your tree (or trim it down to avoid future problems). 

BEFORE 2019 if you wanted to remove a tree on your property, you probably had to get a permit from the city or town in which you live, but as of 2019 that’s no longer the case. 

CS/HB 1159: Private Property Rights

GENERAL BILL by State Affairs Committee ; La Rosa ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Sabatini

Private Property Rights; Prohibits local governments from requiring notices, applications, approvals, permits, fees, or mitigation for pruning, trimming, or removal of trees on residential property if property owner obtains specified documentation; prohibits local governments from requiring property owners to replant such trees; provides exception for mangrove protection actions; deletes provision that authorizes electric utilities to perform certain right-of-way tree maintenance only if property owner has received local government approval; creates Property Owner Bill of Rights; requires county property appraisers to provide specified information on their websites.

A new law in Florida bans local governments from regulating tree removal and re-planting on private property.

This new legislation called, “Private Property Rights,” now allows property owners to remove, replant, prune, or trim a tree without approval from their local municipality. If a licensed arborist determines the tree poses a danger.

A property owner will still need to obtain documentation from an arborist or licensed landscape architect that the tree presents a danger to people or property. 

Another big change under the new law is owners don’t have to replant a tree after one was removed.

If you are considering removing a tree on your property, make sure you’re dealing with a licensed and insured arborist such as TLS. We offer free quotes and are one of the best reviewed Tree Service companies in Southwest Florida!

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